DsF (DuttSangh Foundation) is the outcome of ideology and manhoodship of great philanthropic Late Babu Jagdish Narayan Dutt now known as founder of present Dutt family at village – Rampur Udai, Anchal – Alinagar, District – Darbhanga, Bihar. He had been gifted poverty along with orphanship in his childhood by his big landlord parent. He was the youngest one among the cousins. But he never enjoyed his childhood and struggled hard to cross the precarious and turbulent conditions of a big joint family of his father and his (father’s) three cousins and passed the matriculation examination. He was the only matriculate among his cousins. After joining the legal practice he shouldered the entire joint family sincerely including cousins’ kith and kins and took on them to a regular path. Not only that he offered free legal advice to the poor sections of the society and as a social worker, focused on education in society basically on girls education. He supported financially and provided residential accommodation to the students of poor section of the society and exposed the potentiality of the persons in their respective fields. His sacrifices and services had been widely appreciated and thus gained popularity among the masses. Inspired by his educational passion we started the primary school, now under taken by the govt. of Bihar. He died in the year 1992 with blessings to his four sons and three daughters alongwith other members of the family. Inspired by his vision DsF has been established in the year 2014 to give it a shape. We hope that with this effort, we will have a firm partnership in the formation of an educated and strong society.