Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

We the people are the part and parcel of the society. Society have code of conduct. Every individual is aware of that and has its own contribution knowingly or unknowingly in maintaining the essence of life and manhood in society. Now it is time to become known to their contribution whether going in right or wrong direction. Each one is doing hard according to his skill and strength to earn and maintain his requirements. But still inequality and imbalance prevail which we see everyday. Everyone feels it and wants to fill up the gap but can’t, due to lack of time and communication behind which are various reasons. DsF has come as a source of communication. Come with us and work together for the upliftment.

Education is key for the basic requirements as ‘Roti’, ‘Kapda’ aur ‘Makan’. Education can only be the tool to go ahead for survival. So dissemination of knowledge by education to everyone and to the marginalised particularly economically marginalised section is the root of development and this can’t be denied. Let open our eyes towards the marginalised / deprived section and take it as a lesson to understand the value of education to everyone.

With this mission, DuttSangh Foundation has come forward in the year 2014 to screen out the talented students from the economically marginalized section of society. We provide them free education and also financial help to carry on their education. Further we also provide one time a lump sum amount in cash in lakhs of rupees to the selected students  without considering their financial condition for higher education.

Your support to our objective is solicited.

In three ways you can support our objective

  1. By making one time donation
  2. By making regular donation of fixed amount by subscribing our Regular donation.
  3. Sponsor the student (it will be coming soon)

Amount of donation depends on your will, how much would you donate for the betterment of our society.

Right now your donations are not exempted from the income tax, as we are not registered under section 12AA and 80 C, we are working hard to get the license from income tax department.

As we know this is not the only criteria to donate. When we want to see the good changes in our surrounding / society and if our donation will make that happen simply we donate without thinking.

We are accepting the donations through online payment, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and Cheques in favour of DuttSangh Foundation.

We are not accepting donations in the form of cash so don’t entertain any communication demanding cash donation for DuttSangh Foundation.

Every donations to DuttSangh Foundation is accountable.

For any query or help and questions regarding donations reach us at we will assist you.

Bank Account Details

A/C No. – 0049050014164