DuttSangh Foundation(DSF) is established in 2014 with the vision to uplift the educational status of the economically marginalised section of the society by providing free education in DSF institutions and partner institution. We also provide financial help to carry out ongoing or higher studies.

Education is a right of every individual and money should not be a barrier to get an education. Keeping this in mind our scholarship scheme will minimise the shortage of financial problem.

Dear prospective students, we heartily congratulate you to be a part of our dynamic scholarship program ASP (Attud Scholarship Programme) also. This helps deserving students to achieve their goal through our various scheme. We feel proud to be a part of this institution and so let us come and join this organisation and enhance latent talent for a prosperous opportunity. Our main aim is to help the student to achieve their goal.

You are only one step away from our organisation, so enrol and get your share for good sake.