AE (Attud Education) is a free education scheme introduced to provide better education in healthy environment in top public and private institutions to economically marginalised to passionate and meritorious students. For this we tie up harmonious relation with those institutions of the area.

Our motive is to start Attud Education to create educational balance in the society and finance  can’t affect the education of the economically marginalised section of the society. Our goal is to support the poor deserving candidates to develop their skills and knowledge that are needed for success in our rapidly changing, increasingly diverse and interconnected world. We provide the gift of knowledge to the students through our DuttSangh Foundation Programme free of cost because education is the first and foremost rights of every human being and without education our lives are incomplete and useless. To make a better tomorrow we have to make our today useful and it will be provided by our organisation only. We support students to build their future by availing our free education programme. Process of selection for Attud Education programme is very easy it is through entrance exam and form will be distributed to the candidates in the minimum cost of hundred Rupee only. Our institution provide education from Class I to higher studies. It is a bright opportunity for the candidates who wants to do something in life but financial condition of their family makes them helpless. We are here to support economically marginalised people by providing them light of education free of cost.