DuttSangh Foundation (DSF) is a trust registered in Ministry of Corporate Affairs under section 8 of companies act 2013 and is governed by its board of directors under norms and standards permitted by the Constitution of India. It has been established to create academic consciousness among the students and the society by way of economic support to their basic need to materialised the opportunity they are going to avail according to their choice. It is dedicated to uplift educational status among the economically marginalised students of the society across the whole of India without any discrimination of cast, creed and religion. For the purpose of achieving the goal DSF has following services

  1. Free education for economically marginalised students in DSF schools and colleges and its affiliated institutions called as Attud Education.
  2. Provide financial support by scholarship programme specifically Attud Scholarship.
  3. Attud Higher Education provides financial support to the students qualified for the entrance in to the reputed institutions of higher and technical education in India and abroad.
  4. Recurring Schemes to secure the financial need of the students for ongoing and higher studies through Attud Future Education.

To make individual financially independent so that they should be educationally rich to shape their future keeping in mind the interest of the society / Country.

To streamline the way of teaching and learning through their own tongue.

To innovate the method of teaching and learning making students easy conception of subject.

See Also: Document of Trust (Certificate of Incorporation) 

  Document of Trust ( Licence under Section 25-010814)