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DuttSangh Foundation (DSF) is a trust registered in Ministry of Corporate Affairs under section 8 of companies act 2013 and is governed by its board of directors under norms and standards permitted by the Constitution of India.

Attud Education

AE (Attud Education) is a free education scheme introduced to provide better education in healthy environment in top public and private institutions to economically marginalised to passionate and meritorious students.

Atud Higher Education

Attud Higher Education is introduced to provide financial support to the economically marginalised students of India without any discrimination on cast, creed and religion.

Attud Scholarship Program

ASP (Attud Scholarship Program) is the flagship initiative of DuttSangh Foundation to search the talented students from rural and urban area of India. Main aim of the ASP to provide the financial assistance to talented students.

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Mahesh Narayan Dutta

Mahesh Narayan Dutta


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 Late Babu Jagdish Narayan Dutt

Late Babu Jagdish Narayan Dutt

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Mahesh Narayan Dutta

Mahesh Narayan Dutta


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